About Initiative

Initiative to regain looted funds and properties

” Introduction”

An initiative to recover funds and properties abducted by the Houthis gangs. In which voluntary initiative experts, academics and jurists participate in order to support and assist those affected by the Houthi crimes in order to restore their private properties and rights .As the international and local community deals with silently and ignorance towards the legal and humanitarian responsibility for these crimes.

This initiative was established due to the brutality and injustice committed by the terrorist group in confiscating properies, rights, raid and bombing homes , without being questioned or Held accountable for there actions.

This initiative is a pillar for all the free, the oppressed, the fearful, and the submissives because of the Houthi militia.
For all those that have lost there jobs,been deprived from there salary and have been imposed by taxes.

Against a group that plundered zakat, taxes, customs and the general resources of the state and forces merchants and citizens to pay taxes without any legal right or destination, and confiscates them to the accounts of their own leaders locally and internationally .. Therefore, the restoration initiative is the aid and voice to the world to uncover Houthi crimes and demand the restoration of rights and money stolen ,by the Houthi terrorists militias.
From the Holy Quran:

“But those who break the covenant of Allāh after contracting it and sever that which Allāh has ordered to be joined and spread corruption on earth – for them is the curse, and they will have the worst home”. [25 Alrad]

Initiative message
No rights or properties will be lost behind demands … and as long as we demand our rights and properties that was stolen and looted by the Houthis, we will take them back, no matter how long the time or circumstances are, restoration and reparation must be made.

Our initiative vision
Recovering the money and properties that the Houthis stole and plundered from the Yemenis .These crimes that have no statute of limitations.


– Restoring the properties and money stolen from the Yemeni people by the terrorist Houthi group in all possible ways. Rights are not forfeited by statute of limitations.

– To stop the Houthi plundering and corruption against the Yemenis by various means.

– Monitoring, documenting Houthi looting, plunder and corruption crimes and tracking them, and providing the Yemenis and international community with periodic reports and documented and accurate data on that.

– Educating the Yemeni community to confront corruption, looting, plundering ,  there  rights and  freedom  against the  various brutal actions compressed by the Houthi militias.

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